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Water always finds its level

By: Bill Wednieski If you’ve known me for a while, you’ve likely heard me use this phrase in both professional and personal situations. It’s one of my favorites. During every March Madness basketball tournament, there are upsets. This year during the men’s tournament, the #16 team Fairleigh Dickinson beat the #1 team Purdue University. This […]

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economic recession and job market status

Our current take on the job market: February 2023

By: Bill Wednieski If you keep up on the current job market and economic news, you’d be aware of the dizzying swirl of opinions and trends, plus industry winners and losers. On the one hand, big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Salesforce, and plenty of others just laid off a few hundred thousand […]

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Inflation and today’s job market

By: Bill Wednieski   It is not a new headline that the United States experienced seven percent inflation in 2021 – the highest inflation 40 years. What has this inflation meant in the job market?   Going Backward If you’re an employee not earning seven percent more at the end of 2021 than the start […]

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Candidate or Employer’s Job Market?

March 2021: Candidate or Employer’s Job Market? By: Ryan Clark, Managing Director What a change 2020 brought to the U.S. job market! During the span of just a few months, most states in the U.S. went from historically low unemployment rates in February 2020 to historically high unemployment rates by April 2020.  According to the […]

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